What is Professionalization?


Professionalization of Technologists in Computer Science in Collegium Ovirium provide the graduate the possibility of complementing the cycles of studies that will in turn convert him/her into Computer Science Engineer. The said cycle will complement the knowledge already acquired in the technological cycle to integrally form a professional in design, programming and management of Systems with high social sensibility and responsibility together with communicative competence, human dimension ethic compromise, intellectual autonomy, investigative spirit and solid knowledge that correspond to social , economic, political necessities and the sustenance of the demands in the country in the area of knowhow.

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Professional Careers

Bachellor Level in Science

Magister in Scientia

A Step by Step Career towards Professionalism

Diploma in computer Science

Full Technologist in Computer Science

Bachellor of Science in Information Technology

Method of Lecturing and Learning

For all Careeres

For every subject, we provide Lecture Materials to the student. These will be accompanied by Question sheets containing exercises that the student must answer all and send to us. We will evaluate the results, we prefer correct answers to all question. With acceptance of the results presented, we fix a date for examination on which the student will stand behind a webcam likewise one or two members of the Academic Council to answer all question by the Academics.

Grading Student's Notes

Credits are A, B, y C. The minimum acceptable note is B B.


After a Student submits his/her work, the work is evaluated, if the level is not sufficient, the student will be asked to upgrade the presentation to an acceptable level. The Academic Tutor will be in charge of guiding the student to upgrade the preentation. In this system of education, there will be no drop out. we encourage the student to continue and provide the Academic Assistance to achieve the goal


Virtual Examination desk

The way a student sits for examination

Once the Works of the students are approved, a date will be fixed for a Virtual Examination. Two members of the Academic Council will be online over the Internet with the student, all with webcam. The Academics will throw questions out to the students to answer online , that Is oral examination. If the student scores insufficiency, another date will be fixed to give the student the opportunity to be lifted to grade B. If a student repeats an examination, the maximum note attainable is B. But if for the first time, the student shows brilliance and confidence in answering all questions, the grade will be A. The student that as exam starts answer all question quickly and with clarity will grade A straightaway.

Study from anywhere. Tablets, Netbooks, Notebook, PC or any equipment that can process pdf files.