Consejo Academico

The Structure of The Academic Council

Collegium Ovirium has a Board of Directors is the Supreme Authority. The Academic Structure has an Academic Council and Academic Tutors. All must be Engineers that practice the professions for at least 20 years except the humanistic that have the corresponding Professionals also for at least 20 years. The Tutors are professionals that assist the students to understand the subject and guide them through the studying process. They help the students in all researches and guide them in the search for solutions to all exercises. The Tutors are the ones that assure a student that the student is ready fro examination. For example, the student must have 4 (equals to C) as credit in all works done in any subject before going for examination, the examination will raise the note to A or B. Professionals in the market or Academics with experience for the market will form a virtual examination centre to evaluate the student. There shall be obligatory written and oral examination. There will be a virtual library where all the researches of our students will be stored. We will supply lecture notes to students and when the student is sure for examination, we set a virtual examination desk for him/her.

Ruben Lakatos

Project & Facilites Manager

Trabaja en Termair s.a
Ingeniero Electrico I.T.B.A)

25 years experience as Project Manager/Field Engineer in HVAC Instalaciones Industriales

See Curriculum of Ruben Lakatos

Lucia El Mankabadi

Presidente de Equilibrium S.A.

Licenciada en Oceanografia I.T.B.A.

AIC Estudios y Proyectos S.R.L.

Universidad de Buenos Aires

Facultad de Derecho.

Convenio de Asistencia Tecnica (Res. N° 4167/03) Serman y Asociados s.a.

See Curriculum of Lucia El Mankabadi

Prof. Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe PhD

Director General

Ingeniero Electronico I.T.B.A.

PhD Information Technology A.I.U.

Profesor Ingenieria de Computacion Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires

Profesor Ingenieria de Computacion Univerisdad de Belgrano Buenos Aires

Profesor Licenciatura de Sistemas Universidad CAECE Buenos Aires

Ex-Profesor Licenciatrua de Sistemas Universidad Nacional de Lanus Buenos Aires

See Curriculum of Obadiah Oghoerore Alegbe