Step by Step towards Professionalismo

This is in three Levels of Study. We give a Certificate at the end of Each Level

For those who do not want a long term of study,we offer quick courses with post graduate step toward Professionalization

This program is in three succesive stages:

1. Diploma in computer Science o Electronic Technology.

2. Full Technologist in Information Technology.

3. Bachellor of Science in Information Technology o Electronic Technology

Level 1

Diploma in Computer Science

We aim to provide all theorie elements for those working in Computer Science to understand the Philosophy behind the Technology they have access to, giving them more assurance in ther field of activity. The following is the curricular of the program. The student will study froma materials submitted to them eaach at a time at the end of which test will be made. This Level can be done between 6 to 9 months.

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Learn to Learn OC1.0005
OC1.0005 Free Mind OCH1.0001
OCH1.0001 Scientific Thinking OCH.10005
OCH1.0005 Human Rights OCH1.0007 Relationship with the Society
OCH1.0007 The Organization of Computers OCH1.0009
OCH1.0009 The Architectue of Computers OCH11.0010
OCH1.0010 Operating Systems OCH11.0015
OCH1.0015 Expresion of Algorithm and Programmingn OCH1.0020
OCH1.0020 Computer Programming OCH1.0025
OCH1.0025 Seminary of Computer Languages OCH1.0030
OCH1.0030 Networks and Protocols OCH1.0035
OCH1.0035 Data Bases OCH1.0040
Spanish COL2

Level 1

Diploma in Electronic Technology

For Electronics, Electrical, Radio and Telecommunication Technicians that are already in the workforce. This programme will give them a great understanding of theory and practice, giving them phylosophical tools to obtain solutions to the problems of Electronic Technology

Correlativa Subject Codes Note Well
Learn to Learn OC1.0005
OC1.0005 Free Mind OCH1.0001
OCH1.0001 Scientific Thinking OCH.10005
OCH1.0005 Human Rights OCH1.0007 Relationship with the Society
OCE1.0007 Mechanical Engneering Science OCE1.0009
OCE1.0009 Telecommunication Practice OCE1.0010
OCE1.0010 Pure Electronics OCE1.0015
OCE1.0015 Logic Circuits OCE1.0020
OCE1.0020 Digital Circuits OCE1.0025
OCE1.0025 Computers OCE1.0030
OCE1.0030 Electronic Control OCE1.0035
OCE1.0035 Power Electonics OCE1.0040
Spanish COL2

Level 2

Full Technologist in Information Technology

There will be a deeper knowledge about what was studied in Level 1 in Diploma inComputer Science. In addition, there will be a deeper knowledge of C, C++, Dot Net and Java. Likewise the creation of software in different programming Langugaes.

Correlative Subject Codes Note Well
Matematics I Algebra OCH.0001
OH2.0001 Orientation to Object OCH2.0005
OCH2.0005 Matematics II (Modern) OCH2.0010
OCH2.0010 Computer Programming C y C++ OCH2.0015
OCH2.0015 Data Base II Sql & MySql OCH2.0020
OCH2.0020 Compuer Programming C# OCH2.0025
OCH2.0025 Computer Programming Java OCH2.0030
OCH2.0030 Web Service OCH2.0035
OCH2.0035 Applied Software Development OCH1.0025 Full Technologist in Information Technology

Level 3

Bachellor of Sciennce or Equivalent in Information Technology

For those that have gone through Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and want to apply their knowledge into Infrmation they studied as Tecnologist.

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Classical Physics and Electricity OCH3.0001
OH3.0001 Inorganic Chemstry OCH3.0005
OCH3.0005 Matematics III Calculus OCH3.0010
OCH3.0010 Probability and Statistics OCH3.0015
OCH3.0015 Operative Research OCH3.0020
OCH3.0020 Software Engineering OCH3.0025
OCH3.0025 Dot Net Technology OCH3.0030
OCH3.0030 Introdution to UNIX OCH2.0035 Bachelor of Scince in Information Technology