Professional Careers


Professionalization for Technologists in Electronics, Computer and Information Technologies that is obtained from Collegium Ovirium are carried out cibernetically.
This program is in five levels. Upon completion of the first three levels, we award the student with Bachiller in Ciencias or Equivalent.
After completing the five levels, we award Magister in Scientia or Equivalent in the completed field of studies.


The Academic content of the program drawn up pretends make the Professional acquire integral formation with aptitude to design and use Information system with all its tools which include Telematics which are needed to increase productivity in the corporations and social organizations.
Upon completion of the program, the graduate will have the capacity to generate new proposals in running of enterprises with technological use.
The goal of the graduate will be entrepreneurship development.
This program is for those who want to develop themselves professionally in Applied Industrial Electronics, Computers and Information Technologies, especially those who dues to economic activities do not have time to obtain orthodox education.

Level 1

The Subjects that must be studied and passed

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Learn to Learn OP1.0005
OP1.0005 Scientific Thinking OPH1.0001
OPH1.0001 Free Mind OPH.10005
OPH1.0005 Human Rights OPH1.0007 Relationship with the Society
OPH1.0007 The Organization of The Computer OPH1.0009
OPH1.0009 The Architecture of Computers OPH1.0010
OPH1.0010 Computer Programming OPH11.0015
OPH1.0015 Expression of Algorithm and Programming OPH1.0020
OPH1.0020 Mathematics I Lineal Algebra OPH1.0025
OPH1.0025 Physics I OPH1.0030
OPH1.0030 Inorganic Chemistry OPH1.0035
OPH1.0035 Data Bases OPH1.0040
Spanish for English speakers COLS1

Level 2

The subjects of Level 2

All subjects in level 1 must be passed before studying Level 2

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Mathematic II Modern Mathematics OPH2.0005
OPH2.0005 Fisica II OPH2.0001
OPH2.0001 Organic Chemistry OPH2.0005
OPH2.0005 Data Bases II Sql y MySql OPH2.0007
OPH2.0007 Probability and Statistics OPH2.0009
OPH2.0009 Object Orienting OPH2.0010
OPH2.0010 Seminnary of Languages (C++ y Java) OPH2.0015
OPH2.0015 Logic Circuits OPH2.0020
OPH2.0020 Operative Systems OPH2.0025

Level 3

Bachiller en Ciencias en Tecnologia Informatica

The Student must have completed all subjects in Level 2

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Mathematics III Calculus OPH3.0001
OPH3.0001 Physics III Electricity OPH3.0005
OPH3.0005 Operative Research OPH3.0010
OPH3.0010 Data Bases. Algorithm & Structures of Data Bases OPH3.0015
OPH3.0015 Software Engineering I OPH3.0020
OPH3.0020 Seminnary of Langugaess II (Dot Net) OPH3.0025
OPH3.0025 Concepts and Paradigm of Programming Langugaes OPH3.0030
OPH3.0030 Networks and Protocols OPH3.0035
OPH3.0035 software Projects and Thesis OPH3.0025 Bachiller en Ciencias en Tecnologia Informatica

Profesional Cycle

Level 4

The student must be Bachiller en Ciencias en Electronica o Informatica

Correlative Subject Codes Note Well
Physics IV Applied Physics OPH4.0001
OPH4.0001 Mathematics IV. Differential Equations OPH4.0005
OPH4.0005 Software Engineering II OPH4.0010
OPH4.0010 The Theory and Langugaes of Compilers OPH4.0015
OPH4.0015 Engineering Sotware in Distributed Sistems OPH4.0020
OPH4.0020 Mathematics V Advance Calculus OPH4.0025
OPH4.0025 Physics V . Nuclear Physics OPH4.0030
OPH4.0030 Ecconomy for Engineers OPH4.0035

Professional Cyclel

Level 4 Applied Electronics

The student must have Ciencias en Electronica o Informatica

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
Physics IV Applied Physics OPHE4.0001
OPHE4.0001 Mathematics IV. Differential Equations OPHE4.0005
OPHE4.0005 Mathematics V - Advanced Calculus OPHE4.0010
OPHE4.0010 Physics V - Nuclear and Quantum Physics OPHE4.0015
OPHE4.0015 Signals and Analisis OPHE4.0020
OPHE4.0020 Micro-Electronics OPHE4.0025
OPHE4.0025 Electromagnetism OPHE4.0030
OPHE4.0030 Ecconomy for Engineers OPHE4.0035
OPHE4.0035 Artificial Inteligence System (Robotics) OPHE4.0040
OPHE4.0040 Forensic Computer Science and y Neuro-Informatics OPHE4.0045

Professional Cycle

Level 5

Humanistics for All

Humanization of the Engineer

Correlative Subject Code Note Well
The Policy of technological Management OPH5.0001
OPH5.0001 Legal and Professioanl Aspect of Technology OPH5.0005
OPH5.0005 Anthropology and Culture OPH5.0010
OPH5.0010 Introduction to Political Science OPH5.0015
OPH5.0015 Sociology (Social y Laboral) OPH5.0020
OPH5.0020 Cultural Philosophy OPH5.0025
OPH5.0025 Tradition and Environmnet OPH5.0030
OPH5.0030 Final Thesis. How this project affect the life of the Student OPH5.0035 Magister in Cientia