Study how you can market producst from the farme using modern Information Technology Tools

Have the understanding of the pathways and processes used in farm products marketting and apply then to your community

You can develop opporutinities in business in a more managed and effective way

There are oporutinties for those that possess proper understanding of agricultural marketing. There are various changes and variations that confront rural businesses. The rural manager must continually consider climate change. The rural manager has to continually consider, evaluate,assess and reassess almost on daily absis, the nemerous changes and tyes of information that may afect the success of rural business.

For the rural manager to be succeful, he/she needs to:
Understand the uniqueness of markets.
Know how to capitalize on markets forces to maximize business profit.


You challenge and success will be to help this rural villagers increase their production and income.


It is the study about crops. He you will learn how to improve your crops

There is a great need for Agronomists worldwide, since agriculture has been a natural heritage of Africans the course will make you useful to farmers. The Agronomist gives technical support about marketting services and machineries.

you to develop your community


As Agronomist you check is a crop is healthy.


Know the psychology of the behaviour of animals

You will gain the understanding of the behaviour and motivation of animals and preent your work by studying the animals in your community.

You will analyze the behaviour due to problems.

Improe your skill in handling animals

You will gain new perspectives on the animals around you.

You will obtain solid foundation for working with animals in any situation: zoos, farms, verterinay practices, pets shop:

You will look at the:

Genetics and Behaviour.

Behavour and the environment. From African traditiona, animals behaviours tell us about environment.

Social Behaviour.

Instinct and learning.

Handling animals.

Learn how you can find out the causes of animal behaviours.


Tell of what you can observe.


According to Sterling University:
Animal Biology is the integrated study of the enormous variety of animal life on Earth. It examines the evolutionary origins of the various animal groups and their ecology, behaviour and conservation.

This ia the study of the Anatomy and Phyosiology of animals

This course will make you

Understand the care and management domestic and wild animals

Learn about the biology of animals.

discover the functions within the body of the animals.

Learn about the role the physical structures from bones to soft tissues.

You will obtain the knowhow to deal with animals in ranges of occupations form farmer to zookeeper, petshop proprietor or pet onwer and even wildlife manager.


The Crayfish


Inform yourself about the steps to diagnose animal diseases

There are protocols set up t routine disease investigation which are all based on evidence of Clinics, pathology and epidemology. It is important to know about infectious diseases that require final diagnostics which rest on aetiological evidence. It include investigations and analysis of results by highly qualified inspectors and veterinary officers. With this , you will be able to give advice to rural farmers.


A sick Erhuen (Buffalo)


A sick Cock


Know the kind of feeds for animals and compare to what is used in your community. Our courses are for community improvement. You will learn the theory and science of the feeding of animals and move on to offer your services to improve the animal feeds in your community.

You will know the importance of proteins, vitamins and minerals in the feeds for animal

You will need equiping in the skills that are required to evaluate feeds and feeding

You will be taught how to select appropiate feeds.

You will be guided to apply your knowledge to adequate farming.

Cats don't eat the same things as dogs and pigs don't eat the same as chickens. Apart from variations within a species; there are also variations according to where the animal is kept, and what it does. Animals that exercise a lot, need energy to fuel their movement. Growing animals need food to increase their size. Old animals may not need to eat as much. You need to be able to evaluate every situation and make the necessary decission


How do you help this farmer to improve his method?